Guide to Franchising Andok’s Litson Manok


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Popular Filipino dishes that are readily available are highly marketable products. However, it is not easy to break into the restaurant business because of competition. With a trusted and easily recognizable brand, though, it’s much easier to get into the food industry and get a good return on investment.

History of Andok’s Litson Manok

The Andok’s Litson Corporation envisions itself to be a leading quick service restaurant, offering tasty meals and excellent service both in the Philippines and abroad. It aims to make dining with Filipino dishes more convenient for the Filipino public.

Andok’s Litson Manok serves readily available litson manok, fried chicken, and other Filipino favorites. Pork sinigang, crispy pata, lechon kawali, and other home-style dishes are made convenient and affordable. It has made a big leap since 1985 when it opened its first store at Quezon City, at Baler St. cor. West. Ave. Currently, there are more than 300 Andok’s stores nationwide that are strategically located in key areas that receive more human traffic.

Requirements to become a franchisee

If this is the sort of food service that interests you, you can acquire an Andok’s Litson franchise for a fee of PhP 500,000 for a dine-in store and PhP 300,000 for a take-out store. Other requirements for an Andok’s Litson franchise are:

* Location: 40 to 50 square meters for take-out stores and 200 to 250 meters for dine-in stores. Locations that receive a high amount of foot and vehicle traffic are recommended, such as those that are easily seen and accessed from major thoroughfares, loading and unloading areas or terminals for public transport, malls, community centers, and other commercial and business areas.

*Additional investment for renovation/construction of store site, equipment, and other considerations

An Andok’s Litson franchise package will give you the following:

– use of the Andok’s Litson Corporation trademark, name, and logo
– assistance with regard to start-up, pre-opening, store design, and construction
– franchise operations manual
– training that covers the areas of business management, operations, and customer service for the franchise owner and up to 26 employees
– standardized ingredients and equipment so that the franchise can provide quality products that meet the Andok’s Litson Corporation’s standards
– advertising and marketing support

Valuable tips for success

If you’re interested in food service, franchising a restaurant or outlet is a smart way to invest your money. With franchising, you’re assured of already having a well-researched target market and brand name recognition, making marketing and advertising much easier. With that in mind, you should pick a franchise that offers products and services you believe in, as well as a mission and vision that you can wholeheartedly support. By choosing to invest in a franchise of a company whose business and personal goals are aligned with your own, you’ll have better motivation and support to have a successful business.

Where to get franchise information and applications

For more information, visit Andok’s Litson Corporation at You can also contact the company at:

Andok’s Food Corporation
ACE Building
No. 25 Bulacan Street, Barangay Bungad
West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: +63 (2) 372-4033 loc 114
Fax: +63 (2) 376-7092

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