How to make more money posting on forums

If you’ve been participating in the forum opportunities posted on this blog, here are some tips on how to ENHANCE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY so you make more money online.  As you know, many of these forum projects pay you based on the volume of your posts–the more you post, the more money you make.  These tips help you boost your posting production.

Tip #1:  Increase your REPLIES volume

There are two types of forum posts:  REPLIES and THREADS.  Replies involve merely responding to an existing discussion somebody else posted.  Threadmaking involves posting new discussions or starting new discussions.

How to quickly increase your replies volume

Step 1:  Make sure you are using Firefox browser.  Firefox allows you to open multiple browser tabs so you can do many inputs one after another.

Step 2: Quickly SCAN through the list of existing discussion in the forum you are participating in.

Step 3:  Press down CTRL and left click the discussions you want to participate in.  A tab will open for that discussion.

Step 4:  Once all the tabs have opened, quickly read the discussion and click QUOTE or REPLY for each tab  you have.

Step 5:  Some of the most common ways to contribute to the discussion:

Ask a follow up question–after reading the discussion is there an obvious question that follows from the discussion?  If so, ask it.  Of course, build up to it by introducing the issue, raising examples, and then asking the question.

Post an impression–post a similar experience you have or comment you have on the discussion.  There are many angles to focus on: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY.  Find an angle and quickly build on it.

Comment on a prior response to the discussion–if somebody already responded to the discussion, comment on what they said and ask them a question.  Make sure you quote them so your post is in context.

Tip #2:  Be Personal

Forum posting doesn’t have to be a chore if you talk about the one subject that you (should) know the most about–YOURSELF!  Post your impressions, your opinions, your humor.  Basically, post yourself.  People blab about themselves endlessly and they do it for free.  Why not get paid for it, right? Just because you are getting paid to post does not mean you have to treat forum posting like a job.  Just pretend you are at your friends’ FACEBOOK walls and start talking away.  As long as what you post is RELEVANT to the discussion and comes from the heart, you will be assured that you will quickly hit the minimum word requirement for the post AND post a lot.

When you’re having fun, the volume follows.  The higher the volume, the more money you make.  Simple as that.

Tip #3:  Quickly finding Discussion ideas without plagiarizing

Copied or plagiarized forum posts won’t be paid and will result in you being bannned.  With that said, there’s a big difference between straight out copying/stealing and researching/getting ideas/topic direction/inspiration from existing questions people have about a topic.  There’s tons of question and answer sites on the Internet.  Do a search for your forum’s category/topic category and scan through the frequently asked questions about this topic.  This should give you a clear idea as to which subtopics people find important.  DO NOT COPY.  Obviously, the more times a question is asked, the more important it is.

DO NOT COPY BUT CONTEXTUALIZE the question.  Think of ways to ask the question from your own perspective.  Are the concerns posed by the question present in the theme of the forum you’re participating in.  What concerns are similar?  Which are different?  Think of ways to apply the question to the particular topics or scenarios the forum deals in.  Out of context discussions probably will get rejected by the forum owners of the projects posted on our blog so make sure your questions are in CONTEXT and RELEVANT.

Tip #4  How to write QUALITY discussions… QUICKLY.

Low value discussions are one line questions or two to three sentence questions.  They plainly show that the poster didn’t really give much thought to the discussion.  The key challenge is to get DEEP discussions going and QUICKLY.  Here’s one template that works.

When starting a discussion follow this structure:

Introduction — supporting story or broad or general idea
Mention alternative scenarios
Ask the question

Alternative scenarios usually follow from the following analysis:

So and so happened, what if one part of what happened didn’t happen, what will be the impact?

Why did someone participate?  What if the motives are different?

The bottomline is to look at your Thread as composed of differing sections.  Play around with the section so that it is aimed at getting responses while guaranteeing that you’re having fun imagining differing scenarios .

The Bottomline: Challenge yourself and you will be rewarded

If you challenge yourself, you will be forced to get creative and you will get used to the pace.  Just like a newbie weightlifter, the first time you try something it might be a hassle, boring, or quite painful/annoying.  However, with enough repitition PLUS the mental attitude of posting like you’re talking to your friends and family, you’ll notice that your post production has gone way up while you’re less tired and actually having fun.   Making money online via forum posting is all about VOLUME and QUALITY.  With the right attitude and productivity techniques, you will end up having fun and getting paid at the same time.  Great combo, right?

PHOTO CREDITS:  Valerie Everett (creative commons)


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